How CoPromote works to get you more shares. (It's really easy once you get the hang of it.)
1.) First, choose the social media that you want people to share. Grab the embed code (or URL in most cases) and Launch it on CoPromote. You can also upload an image and add a link if what you're sharing isn't coming from social media.
2.) Once your content is launched, your reputation will decrease by 1 point each time someone shares it... On the other hand, each time you share another creator's content, your reputation increases by 1 point. Sharing happens in Share. Note: You must have at least 1 reputation point for your content to be shareable. You can also gain and lose reputation from user feedback (see Track below).
3.) Go to Track to see who has shared your content and where they shared it. If you're happy, give them a thumbs up. That thumbs up will earn the sharer 2 reputation points. A thumbs down will cost the sharer -5 points.
4.) Don't forget to go Home to the community. Make valuable connections with fans and people in your field who can help you grow.